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The mission of WAAO is to promote the public good by encouraging equitable assessments through assessor education, professional development, and public awareness.  


The membership of the Wisconsin Association of Assessing Officers is what makes this organization worthwhile. In order to enrich the impact, relevancy, and worth of our organization, a sincere call is extended to anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining the goals and tenets of is organization to become involved in our mission, and share in our commitment to it. 

The SIX commitments of WAAO are to promote:


  • Improving knowledge and skills in appraisal.

  • Increasing knowledge of assessment law.

  • Increasing knowledge of assessment administration (duties).


  • Sponsor a certified assessor education session at each regular quarterly meeting, except at the fall League meeting.

  • Provide annual scholarship funds for students of the assessment profession.

  • Sponsor at least one day-long certified professional workshop per year.

  • Publish in the AVOW assessment related course offerings sponsored by other groups.

  • Offer assessor certified sessions in locations to adequately  serve our members and encourage new membership.


  • Supporting professional designation programs.

  • Promoting ethical standards.

  • Providing career counseling/member development.      

  • Encouraging membership in IAAO.

  • Provide for an annual awards program.

  • Provide funding to promote attendance at IAAO sponsored courses or IAAONCRAAO conferences

  • Promote and encourage the submission for national publication of at least two papers per year.

  • Publish from the standing committees at least one subject related article for the AVOW per year.  

  • Encourage membership in the IAAO and attendance at the IAAO and NCRAAO annual  conferences.

  • Promote the IAAO professional designation program.

  • Develop a program to encourage members to become IAAO certified instructors.

  • Promote ethical standards by providing appropriate training and resources.


  • Monitoring legislation affecting assessment.

  • Actively promoting legislation.

  • Creating and maintaining a legislative agenda.

  • Improving relationship with the legislature.



  • Annually provide each legislator with a Letter of Introduction  

  • Monitor, act upon, and inform membership about assessment related legislation each year.  

  • Provide information to legislators and identify individuals   within the WAAO willing to offer testimony at legislative hearings.

  • Propose legislation concerning assessment related matters.

  • Become well informed on the state's legislative process by annually providing information to the membership.

  • Establish a contact WAAO member for each legislator.

  • Survey the membership regarding legislative needs.




  • Developing messages of understanding

  • Defining the audience

  • Delivering messages to the audience

  • Monitoring our performance      



  • Develop and publish an informational pamphlet on property assessments.

  • Encourage assessors to speak before local groups by developing and making available presentation materials.

  • Develop and publish sample press releases.

  • Invite a local governing official and local state legislator to speak at quarterly meetings/luncheon.

  • Develop, maintain, and publicize a speaker’s  bureau made up of WAAO representatives who are available to speak to other groups.        


  • Member involvement in the organization

  • Broadening the membership base

  • Sustaining the membership base

  • Balancing the membership between rural, urban & state



  • To sponsor at least one certified professional workshop per year at a location other than those of quarterly meetings.

  • Arrange for one social function per year in conjunction with a quarterly meeting.

  • Prepare an orientation packet for new members and personally contact to welcome and inform each new member within the first three months of their joining WAAO.                                          

  • Develop a plan to recruit new members.  

  • Regularly publish in the AVOW agricultural related articles.

  • Every three years conduct an environmental scan/situation analysis from the membership at large.

  • Be aware of and responsive to the concerns of the rural assessor.



  • Creating a forum for information exchange.

  • Receive and disseminate information on relevant topics.

  • Developing liaisons with other groups and associations.


  • Continue to cultivate working relationships with other associated groups.

  • Allow time at each quarterly meeting to discuss current issues.

  • Provide information on current issues and resources to interested parties via AVOW, IAAO Newsletters, direct mailings, and other appropriate mediums.

  • Develop a bank of sales data on commercial properties.

  • Gain from the work done by the following committees:

  • Assessment Classification Ad Hoc - Auditing  - Awards – Computer Assisted - Commercial Sales Ad Hoc - DesignationsEducation & Training  - IAAO Ad Hoc - LegislativeMembership Services - NCRAAO Ad Hoc - Nominating - Personal Property Standards  - Planning & Management – Property Tax Exemptions  - Public Relations – Real Estate Standards  - Rural Concerns

WAAO Mission Statement

WAAO Strategic plan

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