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placing employment

ads on the waao website

WAAO will feature advertisements of Wisconsin assessment positions, appraisal positions and other real estate related positions on the WAAO web site. This includes positions within municipal assessor offices, positions within the Department of Revenue, contract assessor positions, appraisal positions for appraisal companies and positions for service companies that offer related products.

Employment Ad 

We will post a PDF file (created by you) that has the information that you feel is important or create one for you from information that you provide.

Time Frame

Up to due date as specified in advertisement


Email Blast To All WAAO Members

Email message will be created by the requester and then sent to Webmaster or Treasurer. Text of the blast must be appropriate for site and may be modified if not acceptable to WAAO.

Time Frame

One time event

To purchase an ad online, click on the type of ad you would like and add to cart and check out.  Once purchased, please email the advertisement to WAAO.  Please allow one week for processing of advertisements.  

* A processing fee will be added to all online payments

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