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Designations Committee

Scott Winter, CAE, RES, Chairperson  


Mission: To provide assistance and encouragement to members working on designations. 

Committee Member: 

Peter Bronek, RES

IAAO Designations:

Designated members can earn an increase in salary and responsibility. A designation instantly establishes your qualifications and credibility and is a universal, portable measure of your capabilities recognized around the world. Designees report gaining confidence in their abilities and the respect of their peers and those they serve. Earning a designation is a rewarding experience, demonstrating that you have attained the highest level of professionalism.


To earn an IAAO Designation, one must be an IAAO member in good standing and complete the requirements for the particular designation pursued. Each designation has experiential, educational, demonstration project, and examination requirements.


Learn More:

For more information or a candidacy application, please contact Jarron Paronto via email or by phone at 816-701-8137. You may also download a promotional flyer about the designation program and a brochure on designations and education requirements.

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