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City of Pewaukee Appraiser: The City of Pewaukee has an opening for a part-time Appraiser. Completed applications are mandatory and can be found online at the Employment Opportunities page of the City of Pewaukee website, www.cityofpewaukee.us 1/25/19 1/8/2019

City of Fitchburg

Property Appraiser, Residential: The City of Fitchburg has an exciting career opportunity for an assessment professional to serve as our Residential Property Appraiser. As our Residential Property Appraiser you will discover, list, value and defend taxable real property, both vacant and improved, and personal property within the City of Fitchburg.  This position makes market value appraisals of all types of properties. There is frequent interaction with the public and other departments both inside and outside the City.








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