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ARTICLE  I   Name and Objects

Sec 1. This organization shall be known as the Southeastern Wisconsin Assessors Association.

Sec 2.  Its objects shall be:  To provide an exchange of ideas, methods and information pertaining to assessment practice;

To offer the combined efforts of the membership in the solution of particular assessment problems;

To further the professional qualities of the assessment field. 

ARTICLE  II  Membership

            (A)  Regular Membership:

Sec 1.  Open to officers, officials, state assessors or employees of governmental bodies whose duties are directly related to property tax assessment and administration. Also, all persons engaged as individuals or as employees of an organization, whose business is to provide, among other services, professional services to governmental officials, or officers of a governmental authority or jurisdiction in support of tax assessment and property tax administration including, but not limited to, support of tax assessment public relations.        

                (B)  Affiliate Membership:

Sec 1. Shall be open to property appraisers, employees of assessment related educational institutions and students in assessment programs who subscribe to the betterment of the assessment profession.

            (C)  Honorary Life Membership

Sec 1. Shall be open to all retired regular or affiliate members of the association with (10) ten or more years of service. Life Membership must be approved by a vote of a majority of the regular membership present at a regular monthly membership meeting.

            (D)  Application For Membership:

Sec 1.  Applications for membership (Regular and affiliate) shall be made to the Secretary of the Southeastern  Wisconsin Assessors  Association and approved  by majority vote of the General  Membership.

             (E) Acceptance

Sec 1.  The right to accept or reject any application for membership is hereby reserved to the general membership provided that no person shall be discriminated against by reason of race, creed, sex, national origin, disability, or for any other reason which may become law in the future.

ARTICLE III Officers and Duties

Sec 1.  The officers of this organization,  constituting  the executive committee, shall be the President, Vice President and Secretary - Treasurer, elected by majority vote of the members present for a term of one year. 

Sec 2.  The President shall preside at all meetings and perform the duties of the office.

The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties of the president and shall serve as program chairperson. The Secretary- Treasure shall perform the general duties of the office.

Sec 3.  Only regular members may hold office.  Affiliate and honorary life members cannot hold any office in the association.

Sec 4.  Term of office shall be for one (1) year, commencing February 1. Elections shall be held at the regular monthly meeting in January of each year.

Sec 5.  The nominating committee will include the outgoing President, past President and a member at large.

Sec 6.  The books are to be audited by a 2 member committee appointed by the  incoming President at or before the February meeting.

Article  IV       Meetings and Voting 

Sec 1.  Regular meetings, (there shall be not less then 4meetings per year) held at such time and place as determined  by the executive committee.

Sec 2.  Special meetings may be held at the call of the President, the request of  the executive committee or at the call of twelve (12)  regular members, provided notice is given to the membership three (3) business days prior to the date of the meeting and stating the purpose of the meeting.

Sec 3.  Twelve (12) regular members shall constitute a quorum.

Sec 4 Affiliate Membership and Honorary  life membership shall not have any voting privileges.

Article V Removal of Officers or Members

Sec 1.  Officers may be removed for cause by three-fourths (3/4) vote of the regular membership present by secret ballot;  a new officer shall be elected by vote of the regular membership present.

Sec 2.   Members maybe removed by three- fourths (3/4) vote of regular membership present at regular meeting.

Article VI        Dues

Sec. 1. Dues or assessments maybe voted on by regular members  present at any regular or special meeting called of the general membership.

Sec. 2.  There shall be special rates for student membership at one-half the regular membership rate only while member is enrolled in  a full time  assessment program.

 Article VII           Amendments

Sec 1.  The constitution maybe amended by a majority vote of the regular membership present at a regular membership meeting (after a hearing at one) meeting , following  the introduction of amendments meeting. 

Meeting 1  Introduction

Meeting 2  Reading and Discussion

Meeting 3  Vote

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