Minutes of the South Eastern WI Assessors Association Meeting:  October 28, 2010


Program:  Board of Review- 23 attendees. BOR Packets were shared and there was a Round Table Discussion
Presenters:  Residential- City of Brookfield- Bob Lorier and City of Waukesha-Mike Patnode.  Commercial- City of Waukesha-Craig Lake and City of Wauwatosa-Steve Miner.

Meeting Details:  The meeting was called to order at 10:45 am. There were 12 members present.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the meeting held on February 22, 2010; the motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:  The current balance is $1942.64 Check book was balanced as of 7-1-2010, no deposits since that date and expenses of $31.12.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.  The motion passed unanimously.

Legislative:  No Report

Education:  No Report

Social: SEWAA Christmas Party will be held on December 10, 2010 at Bravo’s at Brookfield Square.

Sunshine: Flowers were sent to Diane Cannistra in July after her surgery. Thank you Note received from Diane was shared. Card of support will be sent to Sherry Lee on behalf of SEWAA. Sherry’s daughter, Tara Lee Taylor, was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Old Business

New Business: Executive Committee was formed and met on July 29th.  SEWAA Fee Structure was discussed and recommendations will be worked on and presented at the December 10th meeting.  

A motion made and seconded, to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.

Next Meeting Date:  November 17, 2010 IAAO sponsored group Webinar entitled: “Korpacz on Real Estate Market Trends”. Peter Korpacz is a well-known author and real estate guru and is the President of Korpacz Reality Advisors. Webinar is taking place at the City of Brookfield Common Council Chambers. Lunch will be provided starting at Noon. Fee is $5.00. Webinar will be from 1pm-3pm.

Submitted by Dorthy Radley, Secretary/Treasurer, SEWAA


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