TO:  WAAO Members


RE:  Negotiating the Best Deal


The Membership Services Committee strives to bring you the best experience at the lowest price at our WAAO Quarterly Meetings.  We negotiate the best deal for meals and meeting accommodations at various locations around the state in order to keep costs down for our members.


As we review our meeting expenses, we have noticed our “Guarantee” numbers have been higher than our actual meeting numbers.  The Association is required to lock in our guaranteed number of attendees seven (7) working days in advance.   In an attempt to avoid unnecessary costs to WAAO, the Membership Services Committee is implementing a “Refund” policy for the Quarterly Meetings.  



Refund Policy:

1.      If you are preregistered, have not prepaid and a NO SHOW you will be BILLED THE FULL AMOUNT as we have guaranteed your attendance.

2.      If you are preregistered, prepaid and a NO SHOW there will be NO REFUND as we have guaranteed your attendance.

3.      Walk-In registrations are not guaranteed a Luncheon or Program Handouts.

4.      Walk-In registrations will be charged an additional $5.00 as a late registrant.



The Membership Committee would like to thank you for your support in our efforts to provide you an affordable and pleasant experience at our Quarterly Meetings.


Warmest Regards,

2010 Membership Services Committee