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City of Sun Prairie – Request for Proposal for Commercial Assessment Services




The City of Sun Prairie (the “City”) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to provide commercial assessment services. The City requires a service provider that will work as a partner with the City to ensure accurate and timely valuation of commercial class of properties while maintaining excellent customer service for our property owners and Assessing Department. The City is seeking proposals for a two-year period starting in 2011 and ending in 2012 with an option to renew for additional contract periods based on mutually agreed upon performance and renewal rates.  The first year of the contract will consist of revaluing all parcels in the commercial class of properties. The second year of the contract will consist of an annual commercial maintenance assessment cycle. Pricing and fees for both years of the initial contract period shall be included in the proposal. 
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The City is located in northeast Dane County with an estimated 2010 population of 26,300. The 2010 Equalized Value (including manufacturing) for the City is $2,475,211,200 with an overall level of assessment of 99.18%. Commercial class properties include 610 improved parcels for a total of 745 parcels assessed at $618,921,100 with a 2010 level of assessment of 94.59%. The City’s last revaluation was January 2009. As determined by the Sun Prairie City Council a revaluation is to be conducted for 2011 and every two years thereafter or as designated by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  The City’s assessing department utilizes Market Drive TM CAMA software.  The City is home to QBE fka General Casualty Insurance Co.  QBE is an international campus style headquarters consisting of multiple buildings totaling 335,219 sf, 136.54 acres of commercial and agricultural land with a total 2010 assessment of $35,017,900 that is being contested.




Commercial Assessor will perform all of the work required to properly and professionally assess the commercial class of real property located in the City in accordance with applicable Wisconsin State Statues.




Deadline for Submission of Inquiries-------------------------- January 18, 2011

Proposals Due (3:00 PM CST)------------------- January 21, 2011

Debbie Mason, City Assessor


City of Sun Prairie

300 E. Main Street

Sun Prairie, WI  53590



Wisconsin Assessor II Certification is required.


Please visit the City of Sun Prairie web site or email the City Assessor for detailed information.

City of Sun Prairie Web Site:

City Assessor E-Mail:



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