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9/2/2011 Posted link to a study from 1962 calling for creation of County Assessing System
4/18/2011 WAAO Ad Hoc Assessment Practices publishes their 2011 Report
4/18/2011 WAAO Officers write letter to Secretary Chandler regarding WPAM and USPAP
3/7/2011 Reform the property tax system - JS Online columnist
1/20/2011 WAAO - Ad Hoc Assessment Practices Report dated 1-20-2011
1/20/2011 Letter to Secretary Chandler from WAAO President Schwoerer
1/20/2011 Department of Revenue PowerPoint from 1/19/2011 meeting in LaCrosse
1/20/2011 Email from Jeff Bluske - Director - Zoning, Planning & land Information Dept. LaCrosse County
1/14/2011 The Lakeland Times - Baier proposes reassessment reform for cuts to shared revenue
1/1/2011 WI DOR 2010 Assessor School handout
12/2/2010 Onalaska-Holman Courier-Life - State property assessment reforms put on back burner
10/27/2010 LaCrosse County - Assessment Reform Study Committee report
10/21/2010 Scott Walker Q&A, Question: What ideas or programs do you have that will boost agriculture and light manufacturing in southwest Wisconsin? - read more
10/4/2010 9-9-2010 Minutes from LaCrosse Ad Hoc Assessment Reform Study Committee
9/2/2010 County exploring property assessment changes - Onalaska Holmen Courier-Life
7/26/2010 LaCrosse Tribune - County reassessing assessment process
4/28/2010 State abandons county-based property assessment push, now wants districts
4/27/2010 Vilas County News-Review - Invasion of privacy?
3/15/2010 WI DOR issues Policy Paper on Property Assessment Reform
2/5/2010 WisPolitics.com: DOR now moving in favor of towns-based assessment system
2/5/2010 New Richmond News - State may shake up assessment process
2/3/2010 Wisconsin Dells - Will counties do assessment?
1/31/2010 Sheboyganpress.com - Assessment change may not have large affect on tax bills
1/31/2010 Sheboyganpress.com - Assessing Assessments: State officials want to streamline property value system
1/20/2010 Wisconsin Counties Association - Countywide assessment proposal and requested action of members
1/19/2010 Lac du Flambeau - LdF board protest Department of Revenue's assessment plan
1/13/2010 Peshtigo Times - Area Delegation Among 160 at Green Bay Revenue meeting
1/12/2010 Town of Byron - Resolution in Opposition to DOR Proposal for County Assessment
1/12/2010 Town of Lisbon - Gehrke opposes tax assessment changes
1/12/2010 The Lakeland Times (Minocqua) - Lac du Flambeau board protests Department of Revenue's assessment plan
1/12/2010 West Bend Daily News - Wide angle view of Property Taxes - New plan could increase assessments, decrease local control
1/12/2010 examiner.com - DOR plan for county wide property assessment needs work, city assessor warns
1/7/2010 examiner.com - DOR secretary plugs county-wide assessment as a necessary tool for equitable tax sharing
1/5/2010 Waukesha Freeman - State looks to change assessment system
1/4/2010 WAAO Executive Board provides statement regarding County Assessing Proposal
1/2/2010 JSOnline - Property Assessment reform looms
12/31/09 Racine Journal Times - Countywide assessment plan to get local public hearing
12/26/09 Kenosha News - Countywide assessing draws ire - State proposal has many local officials seeing red
12/24/09 News Publishing Company - Reactions vary to assessment process proposal
12/20/09 StevensPointJournal.com - property assessment change potential "Big Mess" local officials say
12/18/09 Wisconsin Towns Association board of directors - votes to oppose the proposal
12/15/09 American Property Tax Counsel - Property Tax Updates - Wisconsin
12/14/09 City of Manitowoc - follow-up letter to Ms. Barth
12/11/09 examiner.com - Dept of Revenue county-wide property assessment proposal moves forward
12/9/09 GreenBayPressGazette.com - Local Leaders oppose property assessment
12/9/09 doorcountyadvocate.com - Local leaders oppose property assessment
12/3/09 Kenosha News - State considers countywide property assessment plans
12/2/09 League of Wisconsin Municipalities - Wisconsin Buzz
12/1/09 City of Manitowoc - Letter to Linda Barth
12/1/09 Dane County - Kathleen Falk
11/30/09 Eau Claire Leader Telegram - Assessment change would be costly
11/24/09 Coulee News - State proposes changing who assesses property
11/24/09 Wisconsin Association of Assessing Officers (WAAO) Position
11/24/09 Wisconsin Towns Association - Richard J. Stadelman
11/24/09 WAAO publishes Winter edition of the AVOW including DOR proposal and comments by Secretary Ervin
11/23/09 examiner.com - Wisconsin DOR proposes switch to county-wide property assessment
11/20/09 Eau Claire Leader Telegram - State re-evaluates who assesses property
11/20/09 WisPolitics.com REPORT
11/18/09 The Record Review - Secretary Ervin in Wausau
11/17/09 Village of West Salem - Minutes from Board Meeting - Unanimous vote to not support
11/17/09 Lincoln County Real Property Lister
11/15/09 LaCrosse Tribune - Our view: Assessment reform would be a step forward
11/13/09 LaCrosse Tribune - State proposes changing who assesses your property
11/13/09 AARP Bulletin today - State proposes changing who assesses your property
11/9/09 Wisc. DOR announces Town Hall Meetings
Fall 2009 LexisNexis, article - Real Property Taxation and assessment processes: a case for a better model
5/1/09 Institute for Wisconsin's Future - Simplifying Wisconsin Taxes
8/29/2008 DOR Division of State & Local Finance - Strategic Plan FY 2009-2015
June 1988 National Tax Journal - Uniformity in a dual assessment system
1976 Income Taxation and the Political Economy in Wisconsin 1890-1930
1/21/1972 On, Wisconsin - Assessment Reform Needs Taxpayers' Strong Support
10/15/1962 Assessors News Bulletin (published by Assessors Section, League of WI Municipalities - calls for (1) more effective supervision at the state level of government and (2) Larger assessment jurisdictions at the local level of government