Personal Property Standards Committee   Chairperson,  Mark Hanson, Madison  (608) 266-4257 

This WAAO committee analyzes proposed personal property legislation, periodically reviews statutes, case law, and legal opinions and suggests consistent policy positions to the WAAO leadership.


The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) provided the information shown below at a number of presentations and calls on this topic to assessors, tax accountants, or property owners. Please find that information below: 


·         The state budget bill created sec. 70.111(27), Wis. Stats., which exempts from property taxes machinery, tools and patterns reported on Schedule C of the Statement of Personal Property

·         The exemption only applies to property that was or would be reported on Schedule C - Machinery, Tools and Patterns, pursuant to sec. 70.30, Stats.  The aid payments to taxation districts are based on this property alone being exempted.

·         The property is exempt starting with January 1, 2018 assessments

·         The exemption does not apply to manufacturing property


Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual

·         The WPAM includes the following in Chapter 19 (page 22)

·         "2017 Wisconsin Act 59, effective January 1, 2018, exempted machinery, tools and patterns. This is the property reported on Schedule C of the 2017 Statement of Personal Property. The exemption does not apply to manufacturing property. There are some items of machinery which were already exempt from taxation. Section 70.111(9), Wis. Stats., exempts “The tools of a mechanic if those tools are kept and used in the mechanic's trade; and garden machines and implements and farm, orchard and garden tools if those machines, implements and tools are owned and used by any person in the business of farming or in the operation of any orchard or garden.” Tractors and machines; including accessories, attachments, fuel and repair parts for them; whether owned or leased, that are used exclusively and directly in farming; including dairy farming, agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and custom farming services; but not including personal property that is attached to, fastened to, connected to or built into real property or that becomes an addition to, component of or capital improvement to real property and not including buildings or improvements to real property, regardless of any contribution that that personal property makes to the production process in them and regardless of the extent to which that personal property functions as a machine are exempted per sec. 70.111(10)(b), Wis. Stats. It also exempts farm machinery owned by a retailer when it is new or leased. Used farm machinery owned by a retailer and held for sale would be exempt as merchants’ stock."



·         If property was consistently reported in Schedule C, the exemption applies

·         However, property that is being moved between schedules and does not mirror prior years may prompt inquiries from your assessor

·         Assessor names and contact information: "


*For 2018 - Property owners should not report property previously listed on Scheduled C and D1 (from Sarah Evans at Schenck)

*Changes to Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual for 2018 Chapter 19 (scroll down to Chapter 19)


Online Resources
Computer Exemption Guidelines for Assessors and Property Owners  from  Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Guide for Property Owners - 2018 Included information about Personal Property assessments
Notice of Personal Property Assessment PDF from from WI DOR
Statement of Personal Property - Due Date March 1, 2018 PDF from from WI DOR
Wisconsin Statute 70.111 - Personal Property Exempted from Taxation 2015-2016 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2017